These Are Your Dream Two-Car, $300,000 Garages


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My real world two car garage exists, but only has one car, a bunch of bikes and some yard tools.

My ideal real world two car garage right now would basically be a big car and a little car on a teacher budget. When I’m feeling adventurous, this would be, like a Sequoia and a Miata. When I’m feeling economical, this would be a minivan and a Nissan Leaf. Deal hunting all around.

My $300,000 garage is surprisingly tricky, most of what I actually want isn’t expensive enough to fill the $300,000. But, since this is for science, I’ll try. Here are some ideas:

Ultimate comfort:

Lexus LS 500h & Range Rover Long Wheelbase Autobiography


Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid & 4×4 Sprinter Spotsmobile Conversion

Eco speed:

Rivian RS1 & Porsche Taycan

Dino Speed:

Raptor R & Ferrari FF GT AWD

Old School Fun:

1956 Chevy Nomad Restomod & 63 Vette Splitback

Hipster Cred:

Mint Brown Manual Volvo Wagon w/ V8 Engine Swap a la Paul Newman & VW Vanagon Westfalia Synchro w/ Subie Swap from an STI.

What I’d likely do:

4×4 Sportsmobile Conversion & Rav4 Prime

In each case, assume that I’m optioning them to the full potential and/or sourcing high quality parts/labor.

Of course, what I’d really want to do, is buy literally whatever I can turn around and immediately sell for $300,000. Then pay off my house, buy a base Sienna Hybrid with roof racks, a titanium mountain bike, a decent used Miata, a hand built lugged steel touring bike, a canoe, probably a bunch of weird/fun cheap bikes, and a nice dinner.

Weirdisgood went a different route: Rather than picking two cars to cover every base, they listed two options for each need. After all, why not double down on your automotive tastes?

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