Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck share wedding details, including having decoy brides and grooms to fool paparazzi


After having to hire stunt doubles to portray both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to fool the paparazzi, Ben Affleck rushed to the Little White Chappe’s bathroom to change into the tuxedo he picked to to marry Jennifer Lopez on Saturday. This was just one of the details that they shared about their “intimate wedding” completely out of the ordinary for two Hollywood celebrities.

This Monday, details of this event began to surface, which is prior to the big party that the couple is preparing to celebrate their marriage in the state of Georgia.

The ups and downs of the Las Vegas wedding between JLo and Ben Affleck

The couple shared that they arrived just a little before the chapel closed, due to different delays in their ceremony, for example not finding a minister dressed as Elvis Presley to receive the King’s blessing.

Meanwhile, the doubles, also disguised as brides, went to other chapels, in an operation called “decoy brides” that allowed the celebrity couple to tie the knot in privacy in the chapel called “Little White Wedding”, accompanied only by JLo’s children, Emme and Maximilian, children from their her marriage to Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez has confirmed her marriage to Ben Affleck

They had to wait for other couples

Already dressed for the ceremony, the couple known as “Bennifer” had to wait for four other couples to get married in a simple ceremony.

But this will not be the end of the wedding. According to TMZ, the couple is preparing a big party to share with a long list of guests, including their families, close friends, and many other celebrities.

The couple has already reportedly gone to a house where the “big” ceremony will presumably take place, located in the small community of Riceboro, Georgia, accompanied by a wedding planner.

Jennifer Lopez announced the wedding this Sunday on her official website, “OnTheJLo”

with a beautiful message, where she recalled that their relationship already had several decades of history and that the reunion between them has been much more intense.


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