Chris Evans still misses his iPhone 6s


“I feel like my new phone is too heavy,” says the man famous for playing Captain America, the juiced-up superhero who flings his giant shield around like a frisbee. (Fun fact: Captain America’s shield only weighs 12 pounds, or about 28.5 iPhone 12 Pros.) However, it does track for the man who lent his voice to Buzz Lightyear, who, at least in toy form, would definitely be mistrustful of smartphones.
In his defense, Evans explains the weight of the phone is too much for a single pinky, even a very muscular one, to balance. (This is legitimate — the way we hold our phones changes the shape of our fingers, albeit temporarily.) The iPhone 12 Pro is almost two ounces heavier than its forebear. Yet, it lacks a key charm.

“Do I miss the home button? Yeah, I do,” Evans continues.

Apple began phasing out home buttons in 2017, a decision that was met with widespread sadness. Many, like Evans, still carry a torch for the feature.
Before acquiring his iPhone 12 Pro, Evans was famously loyal to his iPhone 6s, a model that first hit the market in 2015. He bade it a tender goodbye in June when it finally succumbed to obsolescence.

While Captain America himself may not suffer from sensitive fingers, ribbing new technology and clinging to ancient phone models seems very on brand for someone born in 1918.


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